I never heard back from my representatives. But I know their responses. According to Tappscott’s Copy Desk, both of my senators (Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson) voted against the amendment. Apparently, Washington State Sen. Patty Murray made it clear that everyone’s pork would have been scrutinized had the Coburn Amendment passed.

Here’s my message to Chambliss, Isakson, and Tom Price: That’s fine — I don’t want our pork either. Let everyone scrutinize everyone’s appropriations. I don’t want $3 million snuck in the highway bill to buy land for Kennesaw National Battlefield Park.

By the way, who’s the liberatarian candidate in the next election?

UPDATE: Brian Brad Warbany is equally frustrated. My apologies, Mr. Warbany.

UPDATE II: Saw Brit Hume talk about the amendment’s failure on Fox News. Wonder if the other networks even perceive this as a story? Wonder if the NY Times will mention the kerfluffle? Hard to believe they won’t.