The Coburn Amendment proposes taking the money dedicated to the Alaska bridge-to-nowhere and dedicate it to rebuilding a bridge between Slidwell, La. and New Orleans. Sounds like a great idea. Instapundit thinks it’s an idea with wheels:

It seems to me that this makes it an especially good project for bloggers to get behind, and to encourage their senators to support. I expect that quite a few people in Congress are worried about this, and will be trying to ensure that it does a quiet death rather than coming to the floor for a vote. I think the country is better off with transparency, and I’d like to hear any Senator who opposes this measure explain why he or she favors funding a bridge that could buy a personal jet for every inhabitant of Gravina Island, instead of spending the money on fixing ruined bridges that people actually use in Louisiana. They won’t want to talk about that, of course, but they need to be asked.

I’ll call my representatives tomorrow and see what they think of it.