Great story from Michael Yon in Iraq about efforts to get an Iraqi girl medical attention. She’s now in New Mexico after the efforts of many people including the U.S. soldiers with whom Yon is stationed.

These efforts helped recruit a team of good doctors and nurses in New Mexico willing to help Rhma free of charge. But even this required funding and arranging for travel and lodging for her and her mother. Quietly, Deuce Four soldiers mustered the money and time from their own busy lives to help this timid little Iraqi girl. On one level, the gesture was deeply symbolic. On another level, for Rhma, the matter was life and death. A soldier told me that when they informed Rhma’s mother of the good news, and she in turn told her daughter, Rhma said in response: “The Americans are going to take care of me.”

I’m proud to be an American.

I’m going to send the link to the Albuquerque Journal. Hopefully someone there will continue covering the story.