Instapundit published a great roundup last night of reaction to the president’s speech from New Orleans. One of the links noted that ABC News was surprised after the speech to find no evacuees in the Astrodome who disapproved of the president’s message. Most respondents said they found Bush to be heartwarming and uplifting.

This morning I listened attentively to NPR to hear their coverage of the speech and its reaction. The results were not surprising. Bush’s outline for rebuilding the Gulf Coast was given a couple of minutes, and then four reactions from New Orleans evacuees were offered. Every one of them was negative (paraphrasing): “Bush doesn’t understand us,” “I don’t believe the money will be spent correctly,” or “It’s just a lot of talk.”

What’s the difference between the ABC News coverage and NPR’s this morning? Simple. Because ABC was broadcasting live, they didn’t have the ability to present the news according to their frame. NPR, having 12 hours with which to work, managed to present the speech from the proper perspective: Bush sucks.