Take a look at the Chicagoboyz Porkbusting. They crunch the numbers and come up with a $350 billion surplus. Some of the highlights:

Training and employment: Cut 50% — Much of it is crap for yesterday’s jobs.

Food safety and occupational health and safety: Cut 50 percent — Strip these guys of their enforcement powers, especially the FDA, so medicine can advance faster. They can stay in existence and keep inspecting if they get over their bias toward overprotectiveness; letting consumers use their own judgement and cheerfully ignore them if they blow their credibility should keep them more honest.

Energy, Mining, and Timber Tax Breaks: When it makes sense, this sort of activity should pay for itself. It’s not really an offset to “income” the way other business expenses deductions are, right? If it is, leave it alone.

Good stuff. It can’t all pass, but we’ve got to start thinking big again if we’re going to tackle this deficit.

By the way, Porkbusters is up to $41 billion of pork. A great amount, but less than 20 percent of the current one-year federal deficit. Just cutting pork ain’t going to cut it.