Humorist-extraordinaire Garrison Keillor is threatening to sue a blog because of a T-shirt that says: A Prairie Ho Companion.

I’d say the blogger has a pretty good case:

I have no doubt about where I stand legally. Parody typically falls under Fair Use (or sometimes, the First Amendment), and this is clearly an instance of parody. There are a series of factors involved in the definition of parody, including this: it is probably parody unless a “reasonable person” could mistake the new work [the t-shirt] as the work of the copyright owner [Prairie Home Companion].”

To recap, freedom of speech is great when Larry Flynt parodies conservative Jerry Falwell, but liberal targets are off limits.

Don’t get me wrong, the Supreme Court was right about Larry Flynt, but Garrison Keillor has no business threatening to sue anybody.

(Hattip: Instapundit.)