Here’s $62 billion in cuts the federal government could make. The Cato Institute’s list could help pay for the rebuilding of New Orleans.

The list includes subsidies for energy companies, farms, and Amtrak as well as unneeded, wasteful programs for homeland security and community development grants.

Imagine if media outlets took this list and made a story out of it? Reporters could interview local lawmakers asking them to defend the spending — especially as we search for funds to pay for rebuilding the Gulf Coast. Obviously, a lot of people support these programs, but many do not. Reporters could quote supporters and critics to show both sides of the argument.

But it’ll never happen. Editors and journalists are always happy to manufacture a story, but only if it advances a leftist agenda. The main story a couple of days ago didn’t focus on federal spending, but on Bush’s opposition of new taxes to pay for it. Had the question been posed, the headline could have just as easily read “Bush opposes federal spending cuts to pay for rebuilding New Orleans.” But, of course, most members of the media simply don’t look at the world from that perspective.

(Hattip: Instapundit.)