CBS is videoblogging their daily editorial mornings. Pretty neat development aimed at shedding light at how editorial decisions are made. I’d say this is a direct result of the blogosphere and the Dan Rather debacle.

The videoblog is part of the Public Eye — a sort of ombudsman/blog for the news division. Here‘s how they explain it:

Public Eye will be run by a team of independent and experienced journalists. They will take questions, criticisms and observations from our vast and articulate audience to the people of CBS News and try to come back with some answers, explanations and analyses. The Public Eye team will also report on CBS News, working sources, talking to the reporters, producers and executives who make the news, not just to the press office.

Certainly sounds promising, although the budget meeting I watched was a little dry.

But, you certainly can’t accuse the CBS of ignoring the barbarians at the gate.