Joseph Britt has commented extensively on my attempts to ring information from the Georgia representatives whom we share. He makes a good point:

[L]istening and being prepared with a plausible response is a good way to avoid being very revealing. Matt’s account strongly suggests that Sen. Isakson isn’t much more enthusiastic about finding new spending cuts to offset Katrina-related spending than either Chambliss or Price. You don’t have to look far to see why. By my count, Isakson has issued 51 press releases since September 7, better than two a day; 45 of them announce funding for some project or other, almost always in cooperation with Sen. Chambliss. Amusingly, of the remaining six, one is an announcement of an award given to Isakson — by Citizens Against Government Waste! Evidently it isn’t just conservatives in Congress who aren’t serious about keeping spending in check.

I’ll have to call Isakson’s aide and request some more specific cuts.