Here’s a sad story about a lawsuit filed against ABC after the network pulled the plug on one of their “Extreme Makeover” patient’s extreme makeover. From the NY Daily News:

But when the ABC reality show dumped the Texas mom the night before the life-changing plastic surgeries, it shattered her family’s dream and triggered her sister Kellie McGee’s suicide, says a bombshell lawsuit filed in L.A. Superior Court.

As part of the premakeover hype, producers coaxed McGee and other family members to trash Williams’ looks on videotape, the suit alleges. When they suddenly pulled the plug on the project, and the promised “Hollywood smile like Cindy Crawford,” a guilt-ridden McGee fell apart.

“Kellie could not live with the fact that she had said horrible things that hurt her sister. She fell to pieces. Four months later, she ended her life with an overdose of pills, alcohol and cocaine,” said Wesley Cordova, a lawyer for Williams.

Now, I’m sure this woman’s life wasn’t perfect before ABC came to town, but the network certainly didn’t help. This smacks of callous Hollywoodism where people aren’t people, just objects to be manipulated.

I’m going to have to lift my normal aversion to trial lawyering, and hope that this trial lawyer gets a boatload of money out of ABC.

Of course, I’m no fan of plastic surgery either. It’s about time for the American Medical Association to start policing some of its members. Some doctors seem to think the motto “Do No Harm” doesn’t apply to these warped-thinking patients of plastic surgery.