Just posted the local pork I discovered to the Porkbusters site.

I identified three projects in Cobb County, Georgia, funded in the new highway bill that appear to have nothing to do with federal transportation. Total cost: $2,736,000. The projects are:

$900,000 — Cobb County Trails
$1,000,000 — Queens Road Widening
$836,000 — Bus facility improvements

There’s plenty more money in the bill for Georgia and Cobb County, but the other projects actually deal with the federal interstate system — a good standard bearer for delineating the funds as pork.

The entire process took me about 6 minutes. I found this site with the highway bill broken down by states. Clicked on my state and then searched for my county. Got about 8 total hits, 3 of which had nothing to do with interstate highways. Went to Porkbusters and entered the information. Done.

Every blogger in the country should do the same for his/her own county. We’ll have the United States covered in about 36 hours.