Here’s (reg. required) an interesting article by Bridget Gutierrez of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the effects of standardized testing on teachers:

In these high-stakes days where students’ performance on standardized tests can determine whether they earn college credit, graduate from high school, get promoted to the next grade or pass a class — or whether their school meets federal standards — teachers have little time to waste, even on the first day of class…

… With 180 days in a school year — even less until the crucial state exams by which students and schools will be judged — teachers are keenly aware that every minute counts.

“Back in the ’60s and ’70s, it was ‘OK, this is the first day of school. I’m your teacher,’ ” Hubbard said. “With the emphasis we’re putting on public education now . . . a day wasted is a day you can never get back.”

Good. It makes me wonder why we ever tolerated anything but this no-nonsense approach. Standards and accountability are exactly what the doctor ordered.

(Hat tip: Ann.)