Interesting post from Jonah Goldberg on the looting in New Orleans:

Philosophically, I am very sympathetic to the argument that in a crisis, when no legal means are available, theft is morally permissible to save a life. Stealing a bottle of water for your thirsty kids, food for your starving brother, etc. These things are morally defensible and the state and/or juries should have the power to forgive them.

But looting for personal gain is repugnant and inexcusable.

I’d have to agree. I wouldn’t think twice about stealing to feed my kids but would accept your judgment if I grabbed a Playstation on the way out the door.

On another note, doesn’t it seem a little early for the looting to start? My pantry could probably feed my family for three to seven days before I began to worry about running out of food. Of course, I’d probably have to eat that Hormel chili that’s been in the back of the cupboard for three years. Perhaps, some residents aren’t prepared to take such drastic measures.