According the AP, a father who lost his son in the war has set up camp outside Bush’s ranch:

The camp is named “Fort Qualls” in memory of Marine Lance Cpl. Louis Wayne Qualls, 20, killed in Fallujah, Iraq, last fall. His father, Gary Qualls of Temple, said his 16-year-old son also wants to enlist, and he supports that decision.

“If I have to sacrifice my whole family for the sake of our country and world, other countries that want freedom, I’ll do that,” said Qualls, a friend of the local business owner who started the pro-Bush camp, Bill Johnson.

I’ll be pleasantly surprised if this gets one-tenth of the coverage that Cindy Shaheen received. This should be an excellent example of the double standard of the press.

Let me spell it out. Most editors and journalists are liberal. They hate Bush, think he’s stupid and think the Iraq War is a worthless endeavor predicated on lies. They looked at Cindy Shaheen as a compelling story that also happily coincided with all of these views. Thus, we got way more coverage of her than was warranted.

Qualls, I’d guess, voted for Bush. Judging by his quote, he believes in what we’re doing in Iraq — that by making it a free country we’ll spread democracy in the Middle East which will hopefully abate the production of terrorists. Qualls believes this so fervently that he’s not bitter about losing his son in the war. And he’d support his son’s enlistment. What an incredible, compelling story.

But, most journalists and editors will dismiss it quickly because they can’t understand how anyone could rationally think this way. He’s just a nut, they’ll say in hundreds of editorial board meetings tomorrow, as they give his story one day of coverage on some inside pages. If the profession cared at all about hiring people who didn’t subscribe to a myopic view of the world, then travesties like this wouldn’t happen.

I predict we’ll hear very little about Bill Johnson. And that’s what’s wrong with the media.