In my academic circles, you’re pretty much perceived as a “flat Earther” if you question whether the present global warming has been caused by humans. (I’m not clear on how humans caused the last global warming — the end of the Ice Age.) But, as noted by David Adam in the London Guardian, two skeptical scientists are asking staunch defenders to put their money where there mouth is:

Two climate change sceptics, who believe the dangers of global warming are overstated, have put their money where their mouth is and bet $10,000 that the planet will cool over the next decade.

The Russian solar physicists Galina Mashnich and Vladimir Bashkirtsev have agreed the wager with a British climate expert, James Annan.

The pair, based in Irkutsk, at the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, believe that global temperatures are driven more by changes in the sun’s activity than by the emission of greenhouse gases. They say the Earth warms and cools in response to changes in the number and size of sunspots. Most mainstream scientists dismiss the idea, but as the sun is expected to enter a less active phase over the next few decades the Russian duo are confident they will see a drop in global temperatures.