I was planning on writing a long post about James Bond, whose films I’ve been enjoying on AMC for the past week of so. But, I went to the wikipedia entry for a brush up and got bogged down for 45 minutes. Is wikipedia a curse or a blessing?

So here’s a briefer-than-planned summation:

Sean Connery is undoubtedly the best James Bond, and “Goldfinger” was his finest film. But he shouldn’t have come back for “Diamonds are Forever” because he got too old. (I won’t even mention “Never Say Never Again” which is apparently not recognized as part of the James Bond canon.)

George Lanzenby was nearly as good as Connery in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” I would have enjoyed seeing him again, but his agent urged him to turn down a 7-movie deal. Arguably one of the worst bits of career advice in the annals of film history.

Roger Moore positively sucked as James Bond.

Apparently, there’s a new film coming out in 2006 — sans Pierce Brosnan who did a much better job than his two predecessors (Moore and Timothy Dalton.)