Just cracked open the latest issue of the Columbia Journalism Review, a publication I increasingly read for comedic purposes only. Tucked away at the bottom of the “letters” page sits the following announcement:

How very clever. Any CJR reader who doesn’t also read Instapundit (I suspect I am the only person who reads both regularly) would think nothing of the blurb. But, as readers of various blogs are aware, Mr. Navasky has actually been working with the CJR for some time. The announcement was made only after the blogger David M pointed out his employment. A note from the journalism dean on the Web site fleshes out the details. As a former editor of the left-wing magazine, The Nation, critics are right to wonder if he’s the right man to lead the supposedly non-partisan CJR.

Hats off to the meticulous author of the blurb. Note that the author doesn’t welcome Navasky to the publication, but rather to the masthead — an important distinction, but one that would go unnoticed by most readers.

Of course, most CJR subscribers believe that the problem with the media is that they are too right-wing. I’m sure few would object to his leadership.

Kudos to David M. for his work. Amazing what a guy and his pajamas can accomplish these days.