Pretty revolutionary stuff that Schwarzenegger is proposing in California.

The governor wants voters to consider ballot measures that would impose a cap on state spending, redraw legislative districts and increase the time it takes teachers to gain tenure. Perhaps even more important to rival Democrats, however, is an initiative promoted by Schwarzenegger supporters that would restrict the use of union dues for political purposes. If approved, it would dry up a key source of campaign money for Democrats…

… Schwarzenegger has described the looming campaign as “the great battle.” He argues that the issues he is bringing to the voters are critical to fixing the state’s ongoing budget problems and breaking the grip that public employee unions hold on the Capitol.

Polls show that the move is unpopular, a testament to Schwarzenegger’s leadership style. When he’s done campaigning for the changes, it’ll pass comfortably.

I’m not so sure Schwarzenegger won’t be president one day. Sure, it’ll take a constitutional amendment to elect him. With so many legislatures controlled by the GOP, perhaps the idea is not so far-fetched. If he says he wants to run, and the Congress and legislatures support it, the Constitution can be amended in as little as four months. Who knows?