Article in the New Republic (reg. required) from Kerry’s former ed adviser on Democrats and education. Here’s a good summation:

… Democrats can only defend the failing status quo or attack any plans that don’t involve more blank checks to the current system. Those whom Democrats claim to help (the lower class, minorities, etc.) have to wonder why they continue to vote blue. Many Democrats oppose standards and accountability (which have proven to narrow racial and economic achievement gaps); they oppose combat pay, which would encourage the best teachers to work in the worst schools by providing bonuses (where they are the most desperately needed and have the largest impact); they oppose NCLB as an unfunded mandate on grounds that it requires states to spend more money (or simply because the President supports it, though many Democrats before Bush supported accountability); they oppose choice options that would allow poor students to escape terrible schools–the list goes on …

Seems like prudent criticism.

(Hat tip: Ann)