Here’s a great column on the Koran abuse story:

There can’t be a single instance, in all of human history, where the spiritual sensitivities of captured enemy combatants have been so scrupulously regarded. This is borne out by those few cases where “abuse” was actually found; they are, in the words of the often-puzzling cliché, exceptions that prove the rule…

…It seems that the Army–or maybe it’s the United States–just can’t win. It is almost inconceivable that the Hood report could have been more favorable to the Guantanamo guards and interrogators, yet the international and American press treated it as a confession of wrongdoing, at times with a hint that the Newsweek allegation had proven true after all. Little (frequently, nothing) was made of the fact that it was the Muslim detainees, not American guards or interrogators, who had perpetrated precisely the acts that were the excuse for anti-American riots in the Muslim world.

Does anyone — who didn’t already distrust the military, hate Bush and the oppose the Iraq war — actually think this is a big deal?