Great column in Editor and Publisher about the Linda Foley incident and the subsequent lack of fallout.

Foley decided to improve the odds and issued another statement to me. In a further clarification of her clarification, Foley insists that she “doesn’t believe that our service men and women would knowingly fire on journalists and innocent civilians.”

So follow the logic. It is the U.S. military, not the troops, who targeted journalists. But if an occasional service man or woman just might have fired a tank round or two into the Palestine Hotel and killed some journalists, or dropped a bomb on Al Jazeera’s studio in Baghdad using the coordinates from the U.S. military (both cited in her letter to President Bush of April 8 th demanding an investigation), they didn’t do it “knowingly.”

It recalls the gag epitaph on former Nazi space rocketry pioneer Werner von Braun’s tomb: “ I aim at the stars—but sometimes hit London.” Or was that the Nazi military?