I’ve always been a fan of The McDonald’s double cheeseburger. For some reason, their double cheeseburgers prove far superior to those produced by other fast-food restaurants. It shouldn’t be that way, of course. A double cheeseburger is just a cheeseburger with another patty, right? But, McDonald’s double cheeseburger’s beat’s a double cheese from Burger King every day of the week. I can’t explain it.

Ever since The McDonald’s put the double cheeseburger on their $1 menu, I’ve had a hard time ordering anything else. I always enjoyed a double cheese as much as a Quarter Pounder or a Big Mac, so why should I spend the extra $1.25? Tonight, I decided to throw expense to the wind. I bought a Big Mac. My first in probably 3 years.

Friends, the Big Mac is a tasty sandwich. I’ll never again go so long without one. The Special Sauce, the extra bun in the middle, the lettuce shards — they all combine for one delicious treat.

Long live the Big Mac!