Great column from Jeff Jarvis at Buzzmachine on the Newsweek affair. Referring to a David Brooks column, he says:

But by not criticizing the report, the net message of this otherwise spot-on column is that press people defend press people, that we circle our wagons around our screw-ups, that we stick together first. Especially today, with the press’ trust in tatters, that is the wrong message.

What we should be saying is that we criticize each other first and we accept those criticisms first because we want to get to the truth together.

When the still-surprisingly-employed Dan Rather screwed up with his memoes — and after my readers here forced me to comment on that as a media story not a political one — Rosen and I were pointed to as liberals who criticized Rather along with the conservatives. That may have been apparently factual but it was the wrong conclusion: We were journalists criticizing journalists because we should.

“Still-surprisingly employed Dan Rather.” That’s good writing.