Concerning the Newsweek article about the U.S. military flushing the Koran, I’d say Instapundit’s directly on target with this one:

People died, and U.S. military and diplomatic efforts were damaged, because — let’s be clear here — Newsweek was too anxious to get out a story that would make the Bush Administration and the military look bad.

Read the story about Newsweek’s gaffe that led to the riot-inducing article. An incredible disregard for journalistic standards. No wonder the public views journalists with such disdain.

The amazing result of stories like these is the collective ability of the news media and journalistic academia to ignore them. The biggest difference between lawyers and journalists is that attorneys realize they’ve got a credibility problem.

Meanwhile, journalism schools are busy hyping conferences like this one. Look at the speaker list — it’s a full court press from the left. That’s the real problem, you see, the media’s too far to the right.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not accusing Newsweek’s staff of conspiring against the military or President Bush. I’m merely suggesting that had one staffer who actually voted for Bush been on the copy desk that night, he or she might have expressed some concern and the tidbit might have been held. Instead, a collective groupthink OK’d the story, and the results were disastrous. One day, the media may really want to look at this broad lack of ideologicial diversity.