A commenter from an earlier post asks (repeatedly) the question: “How do you write a story without a frame?”

The answer: You can’t write a story without a frame. Every article must be approached from a certain viewpoint. But this seemingly simple observation is lost on many people in this profession. They believe in the frame of objective journalism. That reporters and editors regularly put down their personal ideologies to create evenhanded reporting. They don’t.

This profession would be a lot better off if we’d admit this fact. Frames do exist. As I said in my post, the way the same information is portrayed in different media proves the existence of frames. The New York Times chose to cover the report in one way; the New York Sun chose to go in a different direction. Is one frame more correct than the other?

Let’s try to start making these frames as fair as possible and maybe we can earn back some of the public trust. Or, let’s stop pretending that there’s any way to frame the news objectively and just adopt a partisan press mentalitiy like the British.

The greatest problem is that so many don’t see there’s a problem.