Pretty interesting post on the success of Fox News. I’m of the mindset that Fox is so popular because it meets a market niche (conservative, or at least not mind-blowingly liberal), but this author argues it’s more to do with low costs and interesting anchors.

We both agree on this point:

That’s what most of the blogosphere does. Fox News and the blogosphere are, from a business model standpoint, very very similar.

I don’t have a news budget. I can’t go off for a week to do a story. If I can’t get the data I want with a phone call, an e-mail, and a Google search, chances are I’m not doing the story. I can’t afford to.

But if there are millions of people like me, then it’s possible that pictures and interviews and first-hand accounts are going to be available from someone. And they will be shared. That’s what happens on scaled community blogging sites of all kinds.

And that’s the future.