A former longtime reporter describes the “center-left concensus within the BBC which colours its entire output and undermines its solemn pact with the public to present the news impartially.” Here’s a good bit:

Aitken’s last posting was as a reporter for Today during the build-up to the Iraq war. “The whole tone of the programme was hostile to the notion of a war,” he says. “It was not presenting a balanced view of the situation and explaining the reasons why intervention might be justified.

“I made a point of arguing this case in the morning editorial meetings, and that put me in a very bad odour with Kevin Marsh, the editor.”

Why did BBC journalists feel so strongly about Iraq? “They cannot bear President Bush because he’s a Republican and an evangelical Christian. The sight of a Labour Prime Minister going into battle alongside such a man was more than many BBC people could stomach.”

Sounds familiar.