This isn’t making national news, but it’s pretty remarkable that an Atlanta-area police chief has officially reopened some of the Atlanta Child Murder cases. Couple of good articles in the Atlanta Journal-Consitution this morning on the topic. Essentially, quite a few people think that Wayne Williams was falsely accused of the child murders because he was black and would be a less incendiary culprit than a white guy. One of these doubters is the former sheriff who was convicted of contracting a hit on his successor.

Sounds like the investigation will come down to re-examining some of the evidence with newer CSI-like techniques. For instance, blood found in Williams’ car was matched type-wise to one of the victims. But, a DNA match would obviously prove more conclusive. Some worry that the blood can’t be examined, since it’s been sitting in storage for 25 years.

Even if the blood matches, Williams was only convicted of the murders of two adults — none of the kids. The authorities blamed him for the rest of the murders and promptly closed the case. Makes sense that some people are wondering why he wasn’t tried for at least some of the kid murders if they were so sure he did it. Williams has never confessed to any of the murders.

Of course, one bit of history does side with the official line. After Williams was arrested, the murders stopped.