Great post on the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry. I’m only now starting to get excited about tonight’s game.

Though we were both raised in North Carolina, my brother and I support opposite sides of this storied rivalry. When we were in our mid-20s, he moved to Long Island and I moved to Boston. Any other year, we usually have a bet made on who will win the AL East by opening day. In fact, those bets are usually made in the dead of winter. I figure I’ve lost around $650 to him over the last 8 seasons. This time, though, it’s different. I think we’re both stunned. Last year’s amazing Yankee choke, coupled with our World Series victory leaves us stumbling for how we’re supposed to feel. The obligatory feelings of inferiority and superiority no longer exist. Luckily tonight will solve that problem:

I never thought I would say the words “Thank God for the Yankees,” but I’m saying them now. Thank God for the Yankees. As soon as Sunday night rolls around and Yankee fans are booing Boomer, Manny, Damon and everyone else, every Sox fan will snap right into, “All right, it’s time to defend the title now” mode.

A brief Red Sox tale: While watching game 4 of last year’s ALCS, I considered readying the coffeemaker for the morning brew. The Sox were down run one as we were heading to the top of the ninth. It looked like we were on the verge of exiting the race for the A.L. pennant without winning one game. I figured I might as well start getting ready for bed.

As I headed for the coffemaker, I decided that making the coffee would be a sign that I had given up hope that we might tie the game and force extra innings. My instincts were right. By foregoing the bedtime ritual, I allowed the Red Sox to tie the game in the 9th and then, of course, go on to victory in the extra innings. For the following three games, I never made the coffee until after the Red Sox had secured the night’s win and their inprobable 4-game comeback.

Tonight, I’ve decided to test fate. I’ve already ground tomorrow’s coffee and turned on the timer. If the Red Sox lose, you can bet I won’t make that mistake again.