I recently bought a pack of Chips Ahoy! Cremewiches. The new cookie features two Chips Ahoy! Cookies put together with some Oreo-like creme in the center. They are delicious. I’m not sure why it took so long for these to be invented. Seems like a simple synergy of products (Nabisco owns both types of cookies.) My only complaint is the name of the product. “Cremewich” doesn’t really do justice to the revolutionary nature of the cookie. Perhaps “Chipwich” or “AhoyCremes” would have been a better name.

One other complaint. I miss the old Chips Ahoy! packaging. They once came in a simple thick-paper package with a twist tie. The cookies inside had no plastic covering them, just some corrogated cardboard to keep the two sleeves of cookies apart. Now that was a cookie bag you could get into and out of easily. I suppose the new packaging keeps the cookies fresher, but do we really want to live in a world where freshness always triumphs over convenience? Not me, baby. Not me.