Georgia Congressman John Linder just said publicly what I thought no politician would ever say:

We are doing an awful lot, and maybe too much, on airlines right now, spending five billion dollars a year looking for toenail clippers and box cutters … It is my view that no airplane will ever hit a commercial building, which is the only value they have in taking out large numbers of people. It is my view that passengers won’t allow that to happen.

I’ve been saying this for three years. There’s no chance of another Sept. 11-style attack. The passengers on the three planes that hit their targets were operating under the old hijacked-plane assumption. Before Sept. 11, people hijacked planes and demanded they be flown somewhere or that some government release prisoners. None of those passengers felt the need to stop the hijacking because they never assumed the plane would be used as a missile. When the passengers on the fourth plane got word of the other attacks, they promptly foiled the hijackers’ plan.

I’m sure Linder will take some heat for his words, but somebody needed to say it. Let’s quit spending so much time and money keeping butter knives off airplanes, and start looking for the next likely terrorist strike.