Going to shut the blog down till next Thursday as I leave for my quarterly trip to Vegas. I went to Sin City back in December and promised the readers a full report. Unfortunately, that trip proved so disappointing that I kept the details to myself. I’m hoping to stand at a craps table for longer than 8 minutes this go around.

Reminds me of a funny gambling story.

A friend used a dangerous system at the blackjack table. He’d double any bet he lost, thereby ensuring he’d always get his money back. The system requires a big bankroll and nerves of steel. After 8 bad hands, he pushed out $640, all the money he had left. The dealer handed him loss No. 9.

As he left the table he said he wasn’t that upset. He insisted that he’d “sleep like a baby that night.”


“Yes,” he replied. “I’m going to wake up every 2 hours and cry.”