Jeff Jarvis speaks the truth:

Journalists are in the business of uncovering truths, not covering them; journalists demand to know what everyone else in the world thinks, yet they hide their own thoughts. Isn’t that a disservice to the public? For it does not allow the public to judge the messenger, as is their right.

Now, of course, this leads to many sticky questions: Do you take someone who hates Bush and have her cover Bush? Do you take someone who admires Bush and have him cover Bush? Well, but doesn’t that happen already? It’s not that we’re putting the opinionless on these beats; we’re merely hiding their opinions.

This is my predominant argument. Why do we all pretend like journalists don’t have opinions? Admit that we all do have opinions and ensure that we try to get a diverse set of opinions on the job. We strive for diversity in every other area … why not ideology?