This post from Power Line makes a good point about the Terry Schiavo case:

I strongly disagree with the decision to remove the tubes that were keeping Terri Schiavo alive, based on the potentially self-serving testimony of a husband with serious conflicts of interest. However, I don’t believe it was proper for Congress to pass an ex post facto law to render ineffective the outcome of state court proceedings.

As a small-government conservative, the bipartisan actions of Congress are pretty hard to bear. But, I understand their actions and can’t necessarily condemn them.

At times, the federal government gets involved — not because they really have jurisdiction, but because it’s the right thing to do. The federal government stepped in with civil rights indictments after the Rodney King police officers were acquitted. That certainly seemed to be a case of double jeopardy, but nobody really argued about it, because justice was so clearly unserved.

I’m going to have to give Congress and the president a pass on this one. It was the right thing to do.