This Harvard flap continues to escalate. Here’s a good summation from one of the best little newspapers in the country, The New York Sun.

Apparently, Summers will likely survive a no-confidence vote. But the faculty are quite upset with him for a variety of reasons, not just his comments regarding women in science. Presumably, his stance with Cornell West and the ROTC has caused some disfavor among the academia.

Here’s a kernel that’s pretty ironic:

Of the faculty members who responded to the survey — a number that ranged from 268 to 283 depending on the question — 55 percent opposed calls for Mr. Summers to resign. However, a majority of similar size, 56 percent, also said they believed that he has tarnished Harvard’s image.

No, Larry Summers didn’t tarnish Harvard’s image. The Harvard faculty did that. Summers is trying to bring back some decorum to an institution that has seen its reputation fade.