Here’s a discouraging nugget from a columnist in Kansas City who offers this reason that the public’s perception of the media has dropped so precipitously over the last three decades:

But as for the mainstream media question, guys like Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and whining Bill O’Reilly have built careers denigrating the press. We’re all a bunch of libs, they say, out to push an agenda that’s hurtful to the well-being of mom, apple pie and the Republic. Day after day the message is repeated, and it’s had an effect.

Truly unhelpful, but representative of many of the journalists with whom I’ve worked. Mr. Hendricks fails to accept that his own performance and the performance of his colleagues may influence the public’s opinion. (He shrugs off the damaging effects of Dan Rather’s fraudulent newscast with one sentence.)

Hendricks also implies that the people who listen to conservative commentators are mindless idiots who simply parrot what they hear. A popular refrain from many liberals who believe that people who disagree with them must just be stupid.

Both opinions won’t help the press reclaim lost audience or respect.