First off, let me say this. The White House screwed up in giving press credentials to this Jeff Gannon/Gukert guy. I don’t know much about the inner workings over there (watching the West Wing usually upsets me), but I can’t imagine why a “news organization” that’s clearly just a GOP front would get press credentials.

That said, this story’s getting odder and odder because of the sordid gay angle. Where’s the outrage? Andrew Sullivan sums it up best:

Just ask yourself: if a Catholic conservative blogger had found out that a liberal-leaning pseudo-pundit/reporter was a gay sex worker, had outed the guy as gay and a “hooker,” published pictures of the guy naked, and demanded a response from a Democratic administration, do you think gay rights groups would be silent? They’d rightly be outraged. But the left can get away with anything, can’t they? Especially homophobia.