The ubiquitous Dr. Spock made a comment on my earlier post about the PBS kids show featuring lesbians. He makes a valid point:

But what if this was a case of presenting animated characters that are mixed marriage, deaf, retarded, etc. Is every social characterization supposed to be presented in an idealized fashion to children that is so easily explained?

But this isn’t just any social characterization. It’s a very divisive issue as evidenced by the last election. Hence, it should be treated differently. What’s not a big deal for some, may be a big deal for others. And we should strive to tolerate other people’s beliefs.

Furthermore, let me offer that there are times when the media (in the general sense, e.g. TV, movies, etc.) help expand the social mores of our country for the better. The racially mixed marriage on “The Jefferson’s” comes to mind. That program probably did more good for changing the stigma against such marriages than any government program.

But I see two distinctions. First, “The Jefferson’s” received no money from the federal government. More importantly, “The Jefferson’s” wasn’t aimed at children. There’s something that fundamentally disturbs me when a movement targets the brains of kids to get its point across. If the point is so valid (and it is), why not just target adults?