Rich Lowry notes that The New York Times has run two positive Iraq pieces in the last two days. Heaven help us.

I noted the same phenomenon last Thursday on National Public Radio. I heard two stories in a row about the Iraq War and neither had any negative slant whatsoever. One report profiled workers at an armor producing factory in Indiana, and the other concerned a 58-year-old former soldier who re-enlisted in the Army. I was nonplussed as I listened to both stories waiting for the anti-war slant. Good journalism.

Sometimes it isn’t appropriate to dig up an opposing angle for a story. I’ll give the same concession to a report about a mother who doesn’t agree with the war grieving over her son killed in Iraq. No need to dig up a contrary point of view, the story is the mother. (Just a hypothetical case.) To achieve objectivity we need a mixture of both kinds of reports. Kudos to NPR for providing some balance.

Perhaps the recent coverage from the NY Times and NPR represent a renewed effort to appear less biased.