For those of you who take American opinions with a grain of salt, here’s a Canadian newspaper calling for Kofi Annan’s ouster.


Mr. Annan has also watched as the UN Human Rights Commission has degenerated into a laughingstock run by some of the worst human-rights abusers in the world. He has refused to stop the UN agency responsible for delivering humanitarian aid to Palestinian refugees from assisting terrorists. And from Rwanda to Srebrenica, East Timor to Sudan, he has time and again permitted himself to be conned by tyrants and butchers while they have murdered hundreds of thousands of innocents.

I’d say that sums it up nicely.

By the way, I have an acquaintence who works for the U.N., and I heard about this sexual harrassment case months ago. Apparently, most U.N. staffers are aghast that Annan didn’t fire this guy. The Secretary-General did no such thing and instead gave him a vote of confidence. The move caused such an outroar that the U.N. reversed itself and reopened the case.