From the Associated Press:

“Van Gogh was ritually slaughtered on an Amsterdam street Nov. 2, apparently for criticizing Islam.”

Here we see a common problem with today’s media. In an overzeaolous bid to appear “objective,” reporters cannot bring themselves to state facts.

Filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was undoubtedly killed because he criticized Islam. Van Gogh’s film “Submission” strongly rebuked Islam’s treatment of women. The murderer left a note marking the script-writer of the film for death and warning of a Dutch jihad. The murderer attached said note to Van Gogh’s body with a large knife plunged into his chest.

The AP reporter need not soften his sentence with an “apparently.”

We see also this same nonsense with Reuters and their obstinate refusal to call anyone a terrorist. People who kill 350 children after seizing their school can not be referred to as a “militant” or “guerilla.” It’s just not objective.