A student at the University of Georgia died in Fallujah on Friday. Here’s part of an email Bradley Thomas Arms, 20, sent to his fraternity brothers about three weeks ago:

It’s the future of this country that will be different down the road; it’s extremely hard to change hearts that have hated for so long. But as long as we can keep younger generations open-minded, then we will win this war, even though the fruits of my labor will not be realized for many years when the children of this country now rule.

I am glad this brave young Marine so clearly believed in this war. It is a shame that more Americans do not.

The purpose of this war is to make the Arabs quit hating us. Some will say that our action in Iraq will only create more hatred; I say to them that they were already pretty angry.

By spreading democracy in the Middle East, the Arabs will prosper under the same freedom that so many of us take for granted. They will quit blaming the U.S. for their poverty and repression and realize that their own despotic rulers were the true cause of their troubles.

The “fruits of my labor” may take many years to appear, but it will. Thank you Bradley. My children will live in a safer world because of you.